MEET NICHOLAS KOTSELAS     Mister Supranational USA 2018
Like my favorite philosopher, Socrates, I am a firm believer in friendship, community and the common threads between
all of mankind. ‘Virtue,’ he said, ‘is the most valuable of all possessions.’ During these challenging times in the world,
I believe more than ever that we can always benefit from being a bit kinder and compassionate to one another.

Becoming Mister Supranational USA has provided me with a platform from which I can be
an example and empower others to make service and volunteering a personal experience.

In our current society one person has the power to reach millions. Passion is contagious and
it is within each and every one of us— sometimes it just needs a little inspiration and direction.

Nicholas is 26 years old, 1.93m tall, speaks several languages and is a model and successful restaurateur.  He runs his family’s Greek restaurant, Olympic Cafe, in San Diego, California with the utmost dedication and drive which translates into everything he sets his mind to. Aside from this, he is a professional model and an avid fitness enthusiast. AS MISTER SUPRANATIONAL USA, NICHOLAS IS A SPOKESMAN FOR THE INTERNATIONAL CHARITY, SMILE TRAIN, a NONPROFIT organization and charity providing FREE corrective surgery for children with CLEFT LIPS AND PALATES IN 87 COUNTRIES.